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Teachers: The Third Parent

The architect made houses. The writer made poetry. The scientist made discoveries. The teacher made them all.”-Sayan Sen...

Helping Youth excel

The school dropout rate in India is an area of huge concern. The government and educators need to look at the reasons more critica...

India is the laboratory to the world

Dr. C.K. Prahalad, in his lecture during the India@60 celebrations in New York, pointed out how the ever-growi.....

Computer Engineering

Today's world almost all man-made things are computerised. Programmed chips are used in everything from toys, ...

Choosing A Career- My Version

“Doing what you like it's freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.” “Choosing a career” is apparently a simpl...

Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering deals with energy efficiency, energy services, plant engineering, environmental compliance and alternative energy solutions

Cardiovascular Technologist

Cardiovascular technologists are allied medical and healthcare professionals and are involved in diagnostic and treatment phases of various heart.


Sociology is the study of society including patterns of social relationship, social interaction and culture.


An interdisciplinary field mainly involving molecular biology and genetics, computer science, mathematics, and statistics.


Modern society is giving more importance to parenting styles, which represents the different approaches parents use to raise their children.


Archaeology is best suited career for explorers aiming to discover a part of history and culture long lost in the dust of time.


Anthropology is a study of humans, human behaviour and societies in the past and in the present.

Anesthesia Technician

Anesthesia Technician is an associated health care professional who responsible for administering Anesthesia in patients and monitor that.

Accounts & Auditors

Auditors are specialized accountants who getfocused in analysing the financial data. They work for government, private

Investment Banking

Investment banking is the highly active section of financial industry and there are many traditional investment banks

Film Technology

Are you a cinema lover? Do you enjoy movies across languages and genres? Well here is good news for you!

Crafting A CV

A CV/Resume, in my mind has two broad objectives for a job seeker, firstly it needs to standout from the crowd, to be shortlisted by the recruiter for screening.

Agricultural Science

Agriculture as an occupation has existed from time immemorial. Over a period of time, as with any field, Agriculture is also benefitted by the growth in science.

Financial Engineering

Financial engineering is the application of mathematical methods to the solution of problems in finance.It is the use of mathematical techniques to solve financial problems.

Political Science

A branch of social science which deals with the system of governance, activities and politicalbehavior. It deals with politics at all levels of governance, state, national as well as international.

What Leads to Success - Marks or Aptitude

Scientists in 2010 claimed to have decoded the proverbial mystery of whether the chicken came first or the egg...