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The MMC Psychometric test are most comprehensive test online/offline for students studying in Schools, Colleges and Professionals. Thousands of people have taken these tests since its inception.

Career Wizard Test (CWT) and counselling is a flagship program of MMC followed by others.


45 Mins only!

It’s hard to believe a 45 minute test (CWT) could be this easy, yet so revealing!


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Snapshot of results are available immediately after taking the test followed by detailed report with expert analysis in your dashboard within 72 hours.


Validity Tested

The test has undergone extensive validity and reliability testing by a number of psychologists.


18 Years Experience!

Since 2000, our experts have guided thousands of students in India and abroad


Easy and Simplified

The test is evaluation of your traits, not your knowledge. Therefore, you don't get any academic questions. Real fun indeed


Available in 3 Languages

This website allows you to take the CWT test in English, Hindi, and Marathi, other tests are also available in Garo and Khasi

Why MapMyCareer

MapMyCareer is one of the most sophisticated and innovative career path decision programs available worldwide. It uses a unique and scientifically developed and tested battery of instruments like career aptitude assessment, career personality assessment and career interest assessment to measure a comprehensive profile of a student's natural abilities, inborn talents and personality traits. The scientifically arrived at profile of the student is then mapped with several lucrative careers and the best fit careers are suggested to the student along with the road-map for those careers. When students understand their natural talents, they get a huge boost in confidence and develop very high Interest in the career paths that are shown to them.

Career Wizard Test Analysis ..

Analysis and Report: Your response on the test are analysed by expert at MapMyCareer and an exhaustive report is created. The report reflects the benefits of a technical analysis with the expertise and experience of the MapMyCareer team of psychologists to understand your aptitude and personality vis-à-vis your choice of career.

Career Suggestion: Taking into consideration your interest, aptitude and personality, expert at MapMyCareer suggest three careers that you will be best suited for. If your interest/s not matching to your aptitude and personality the expert consider your strength in aptitude and personality as they believe interest is floating in nature and get changed.

Career Information: Written by experts in the field, our career write up bring to you all the information about your chosen career.



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